Existing authentication methods are built for a world that does not exist anymore. We are expanding our digital footprint everyday. That digital footprint is some of our most valuable information, encompassing critical data such as health records, financial transactions, and professional history. Yet, the protective shield for this crucial information has not evolved beyond the traditional username and password, which is easily compromised, lost, or easily shared.

Currently authentication is divided into two camps – convenience and security. Both use some form of password and neither works. There should never have to be a choice between security and convenience.

At IAMPASS, we realized that to resolve this authentication problem and create a forward looking solution, we needed to reimagine and re-engineer the concept of authentication. Our goal was to create a solution that embodies a secure authentication process in tandem with a great user experience.

What makes IAMPASS different?


Your customer stays in the application environment – no fetching tokens or clicking on email links. There is no app switching.

Truly passwordless authentication.  There are no static tokens, keys or passwords anywhere in the chain which significantly reduces the attack vectors and chance of human error.

Extremely simple user experience – just one tap on the phone or smartwatch invokes IAMPASS’ powerful authentication algorithm for a passwordless authentication.

IAMPASS secure beyond just the login and logout. It can be involved anywhere within a transaction pipeline to secure it.

IAMPASS does not store any PII or raw data.

IAMPASS is device independent and OS agnostic, this means even if a user loses their smartphone or watch, they can still securely access their online systems

How do we do this?


We replace the password layer on the application stack with N’ Factor Authentication (NFA), a robust system built directly into our clients’ application stack, to make it natively password-free. NFA constitutes a dynamic amalgamation of physiological, environmental, and behavioral pattern data, captured and processed in real time to produce a single-use authentication signature.

Each authentication request is analyzed for risk , so that the authentication strategy deployed aligns with the associated risk. Harnessing the power of Zero-Trust Architecture and advanced deep learning algorithms, IAMPASS delivers unparalleled security with uncompromised simplicity.



We are on a mission to make being online safe. Not just protecting identity and access but everything along the way. IAMPASS is on a path to making onlife safe as we continue to blur the lines between connected and offline worlds.

We are building a future where access and online presence is highly secure yet simple.


Carey D'Souza

Carey D'Souza

CEO & Co-Founder

Carey D’Souza is the CEO and Co-Founder. Carey has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry.. Having started out as an embedded systems developer and visual computing, developing CAD/CAM engines and tools and has been developing Cybersecurity and Authentication solutions for the last five years. Prior roles include Director of multiple teams at Electronic Arts, member of the Nexon pre-IPO leadership team as Director Global operations and Technology, Director R&D at Evoco, and COO at Cie Games.Carey holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a Master’s in Computer Graphics and Game Programming from CDIS, Canada. He also studied Corporate Strategy at MIT- Sloan. Carey holds 2 patents in the field of authentication and communication.

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Caroline Wharton

Caroline Wharton

COO & Co-Founder

Caroline Wharton has almost 25 years of experience in banking spanning securities trading, corporate and investment banking and start-ups. Her roles have included building out new business lines in new markets for the bank. Caroline's most recent role is as a Director of Corporate Investment Banking for TMT at Wells Fargo. Before joining IAMPASS full-time in 2022 was as a Director of CCorporate Investment Banking for TMT at Wells Fargo. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University College Cork, Ireland and has a Master’s in Business Studies from the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business at University College Dublin, Ireland. Outside of IAMPASS Caroline is a keen traveler - 46 countries and 48 of the 50 U.S. states. Keen hiker, runner and cyclist, who also loves coffee and a good book.

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Joyce Shen

Joyce Shen


Joyce Shen is the Investment and Operating Partner at Tenfore Holdings Holdings, focused on investing in start-ups in the AI, cybersecurity and deep tech space. Her prior roles included Managing Director responsible for emergency technology, partnerships and investments and Thompson Reuters. Since 2016, Joyce has taught the data science capstone course at the School of Information at UC Berkeley. She is a member of the Innovation Advisory Council for the World Food Program Innovation Accelerator. Joyce received her Bachelor degrees in Statistics and Economics from the University of Chicago and holds a MBA from the University of Chicago Booth. Somewhere in the midst of all that Joyce finds time to run marathons, bike and cook!

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